my process


I like being cristal clear with my clients…
That’s why below I outlined the steps of my framework.

No matter how big or how small – this is how we roll!


I aim to build strong relationships with my clients. And I like to know what drives them.
So, after you’ve filled the initial form, we are going to schedulle a Zoom/Skype meeting.

The goal is to see how can I help you with your project. We are going to have an overview of your
business goals to see which of my services can make your business GROW!


Game on! This is when MAGIC happens. Divided in two sessions – we are going to dive deep into the brand.
The goal is two discover your goals, brand’s attributes, sales proposition, user personas (and their journey), who are your competitors, where you stand between them – and more things.

We are going to gather all this information and we are going to make a preceise Creative Brief.
Which I’m going to send via e-mail for you to overview it.

Only when approved we move to the next step. 



Now that we understand what you NEED to take your brand to the next level – we are going to go visual.
I’m going to gather inspiration from internet, and build a pair of moodboards.

They will include photography, colour palettes, typography and showcase some existing identities that reflect the direction we aim to take the project.

The presentation is going to be through videocall, and only after approved we are going to move on.



Alright, alright, alright… we are finally at the spot we have waiting for! Our emotions start to rise and ideas starts to multiply. I am going to sketch as many ideas as possible. Sometimes the #1 sketch is the one – and sometimes is the #145.

Of all those ideas I’m going to present two/three concepts. Depending on what we have agreed upon.
These concepts will be perfectly aligned with your brand’s story – they are going to talk directly to your ideal clients. Each symbol is going to be paired with a suitable typography and color scheme – and there are going to be two different lockups for each concept.

For every concept presented – I’m going to share with you real-world situations of your brand, and how the identity is going to interact with your audience.

I will walk you through the presentation and discuss each concept on a call.
Each concept will tell your brand story with a different point of view!

But only the fittest shall survive…

The logotype needs to represent your beliefs and communicate them directly to your ideal clients!
We are going to select the best solution to your problem.

After the presentation is done – you will have three to four days to deliver  feedback.
You can do this via email or we can jump in a phonecall.



You delivered the feedback – Great! I will take it and hone up the initial concept.

For most projects I recommend to focus on only ONE concept and at a maximum of two rounds of revision. The revised will be held in a Zoom meeting – once approved we’ll wrap up any loose ends!



Your logo design is ready. But a logo can’t do much alone… I always recommend to design
collateral pieces that support the main symbol. These can be from a Business Card, to a Building Sign…

If needed – a Website will be developed in this period of time.
Depending on the scope of the project – this step is going to last between 2 weeks and 4 months.



Spectacular Baby! We have reached the end of the tunnel and your brand can see the light!
You got everything you need to communicate your brand’s story and help your customer with their needs.

As soon as I receive the final payment I will send you the link with your files.
It’s time to grab a cold beer and celebrate!

i am here for you.

After failing many times I realized... we can't do things alone.
For every destination there is a road - and the journey is better when shared.