When should I engage with an Identity Designer?

Well, it will depend on your business. You can hire a designer with only an idea in your mind… But most design projects are usually developed after the product / service is ready and before it’s launched. If you are already in business and you want to increase your brand’s value – then is the right time to start thinking about design your Brand Identity.

What type of clients do you work with?

I work with every type of clients – no matter the industry you are in. You can even check my portfolio and see if I already have a similar project! If you understand the process, and how important is for your business – we can work together. If you want a 5 min result, well… I’m not that guy.

How can I be sure I will like the designs?

Of course you will love’em! And let me explain you why. We are going to be working shoulder-to-shoulder, in pursuit of the same goal. If we follow the specific steps of the framework. I can gurantee that the outcome will advance your cause…

I already know what I want the logo to look like!

Knowing what you WANT is good. But knowing what you NEED is better. If your idea has Strategic Thinking behind it – we can take action on it… If not, I usually recommend to take a step back to see the bigger picture!

Can I hire you for a Flyer?

I only work on small pieces (postcard, brochure, menu, banners, ads, etc) if they are part of a bigger project!
If you want this kind of projects done I recommend you get in touch with a Jr. Designer.

Can you copy another brand's logo?

No. And why the heck would I do that!? You should aim to differentiate yourself from the current competition – don’t blend in!


How are we going to get started?

Scroll all the way down – and hit that “Get Started” button!

What do I need to get started?

A business idea and motivation! Together we can discover everything else.

How long does it take?

It would depend on the scope of the project. It can take from 3 weeks to 6 months (yeah).
For longer projects I break down the deliverables in different phases. So you don’t have to wait for the final delivery.

How are we going to stay in touch?

Good news! All my clients are international, and the projects turn out awesome! 
I like to use Zoom. With this platform we will be having videocalls to go through all the process.

I already have a Logotype — can you help me with the Identity?

This is a tricky one… if you have a logo design – you should also have an strategic approach.
If you don’t – we can have a Discovery Session. Only afterwards we can start designing the Identity! (and still use your logo)

I also want a Website. Can you help me?

Yes! Every project should have a Website to communicate the message properly! If so what year are we? 1980?


How is your creative process?

Well. I have a very structured framework. This is the formula that gurantee a good result within the timeline.

Let’s Break-it-Down!
1. Initial Call;
2. Discovery Session;
3. Brief Generation;
4. Moodboard Creation;
5. First Round of Revisions;
6. Second Round;
7. Files Delivery.

Sorry... a Stylewhat?

A Stylescape gathers different resources that will be part of the project development and combine them in harmony.
This will help us narrow down the alternatives and have a fast and steady progress. 

What are your payment terms?

Depending on the budget (USD)
I have two different payment methods:

Under $4.000.-
50% – 25% – 25%

Above $4.000.-
35% – 35% – 30%

Do you offer unlimited revisions?

Nope! I have a maximum of 3 rounds of revisions. This limit allows the feedback to be more precise
and it gets the project done better and faster.

I can offer more revisions – but the budget will increase!

How do you present the concepts?

I will share a PDF via the Zoom video call. This file includes different information depending on the stage of the project.
For example, in the first presentation I will share a quick recap of the brief with you two (or three) logo concepts,
their variations, and two (or three) mockups.

What files will I receive?

At the end of the project I will send all the rasterized files (JPG / PNG) along with editable files (EPS).

Do you use a contract?

Yep! In order to protect both parties I will craft a contract specifically for the project ahead.
After this contract is signed and the first deposit is made – the project will start rolling.